Integrated NanoMaterials Laboratory

Nanomaterials and nanostructures grown in INML are used in lasers, solar cells, detectors, transistors, modulators, and a wide range of other electronic and photonic devices.

PROJECTS: Dissimilar Nanomaterials Integration

The mission of this program is to provide a high performance optoelectronic device platform in the MWIR including lasers at 3 ~5 µm, III-Sb SLS FPAs on GaAs, and MWIR TPV cells. We have identified these areas for substantial impact in proportion to the large financial investment and the urgent need of many DoD systems. The major innovation that both brings transformational impact and sets us apart from other efforts in the MWIR is to completely replace the GaSb substrate technology with a more mature GaAs substrate technology. This is done through the use of the IMF growth mode to achieve substrate like GaSb quality on GaAs substrates. In these MWIR applications, the GaAs substrate matrix is highly attractive compared to the more typical GaSb substrate due to its excellent MWIR transmission properties, high quality n-type or semi-insulating wafer technology, superior DBR technologies and ease of processing with regards to contact formation and oxidation.