Integrated NanoMaterials Laboratory

Nanomaterials and nanostructures grown in INML are used in lasers, solar cells, detectors, transistors, modulators, and a wide range of other electronic and photonic devices.

Policies and Services

New Users Guide

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  2. Contact INML staff for MBE training and qualification
  3. UCLA Lab Safety Training (Environmental Health & Safety)
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  5. Equipment Reservation
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  • Epitaxy Grade 1 – Simple proof of concept epitaxial services, not to extend more than 10 hours for the entire project.
  • Epitaxy Grade 2 – A more complex series of runs such as a series of samples with changes in parameters. This process will involve constant communication between the core team and the customer.
  • Epitaxy Grade 3 – Complete device growth where the device could be solar cells, lasers, transistors, and detectors. This service involves a significant level of planning and interaction between the core team and the customer.
  • Please contact the INML for more details on our pricing structure.

Additional Resources

AFM: Nano & Pico Characterization Laboratory (NPC – CNSI)

TEM: Electron Imaging Center for NanoMachines (EICN – CNSI)

Device Fabrication: Integrated Systems Nanofabrication Cleanroom (ISNC – CNSI)

Optical and Electrical Characterization: Huffaker Group – Dr. Diana Huffaker (UCLA)

XRD: Electronic Materials Group – Professor Mark S. Goorsky (UCLA)